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why we created pongo

why we created pongo

humble beginnings

Growing up, we ate that famous cocoa hazelnut spread every day. You know, the one where people ate an entire jar because it was that delicious? Well, we didn’t think much of it then, but as we got older we realized consuming a product that is 54% sugar isn’t quite the balanced breakfast it’s made out to be.

Years later, we wondered whether we could create that same amazing flavor, but with a nutritional profile that fits modern day wellness guidelines. 

enter: pongo

Pongo is a chocolatey, hazelnut spread that features 3x the amount of protein as Nutella and 77% less sugar.

This creamy, guilt-free spread is highly versatile and can be enjoyed in the morning on toast, mid-day on pretzels, after dinner on strawberries or anytime by the spoonful.

what's in a name

Pongo is the scientific name for an orangutan. Yes, those spectacular, human-like apes that share 97% of our DNA and live in the rainforest. Sadly, thousands of these apes are killed every year because of deforestation due to palm oil farms. 

Unlike numerous other hazelnut spreads, we are proud to say that Pongo is crafted without palm oil.