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saving the rainforest, one jar at a time

saving the rainforest,

one jar at a time

meet pongo

See that gal below? Yes, we know she’s adorable, but there’s a more important reason she’s here. This baby orangutan spent the first few months of her life in a small wooden cage, somewhere in East Kalimantan, Borneo. 

Thankfully, she was rescued from her captors by our friends at The Orangutan Project in 2019. She now lives at the Borneo Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and has just joined Jungle School, where she'll re-learn how to survive in the wild.

Sadly, not all orangutans share her fate. Roughly 10 orangutans are killed per day because of deforestation due to palm farms, which is why we don't use palm oil in our products. 

for every jar of pongo sold, we donate $0.10 to the orangutan project

Aside from great flavor and a feel-good nutritional profile, Pongo is committed to helping orangutans like her live long, happy lives. If you'd like to contribute beyond buying jars of Pongo, please donate via the link below and help us #endpalmoil for good. 

Orangutan Project